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Dominican Republic

No Work Team Cabarete

Welcome to Cabarete

Welcome to No Work Team

Welcome to the Big Air Kite boarding school

Welcome to the best kite surfing spot of the Caribbean

Welcome to one of the best surf spots of the Caribbean

Welcome to a top 10 windsurfing spot of the world

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Dominican Republic



The No Work Team is standing for fun, action, water sports, Kite boarding, wind, vacation and creative designs. Our motto is: "Working is for people who don't surf & kite " and our main sports are kitesurfing, surfing and windsurfing. We are living for this extreme and fun sport’s, but we also want to share our knowledge with others and invite them to the fabulous world of extreme water sports like kitesurfing, surfing and windsurfing.

Our key points at Cabarete right now are kiteboarding and surfing and we are running the small, but professional
BIG AIR Kiteboarding School, with a very personal touch and service under German management. Our Kiteboarding school is located at the best kite surfing and teaching spot of Bozo Beach near to the Hotel Viva Wyndham Tangerine, only a few minutes walk to downtown Cabarete. We offer Kiteboarding lessons, kite gear rentals, Repair of kites and kite boards and kite surfing tours. Our professional Kiteboarding-instructors are all licend by IKO (international Kiteboarding organization) or VDWS (Verband der Wassersport Schulen international) and we can teach Kitesurfing in many languages like German, English, Spanish, Italian, French, Russian and more. Our Kiteboarding equipment is always proved after the latest safety rules.


There is a new hotel in Cabarete and we are happy to work together with the Hotel Tropical Casa Laguna. They have Standard rooms, Appartments, Twin Rooms and soon Hostal rooms.

Check for our discounts and best offers for accomodation and Kite Lessons or rental at our Accomodation Site.

Kiteboarding at Cabarete means:

Kiteboarding in a very safe spot

Kitesurfing in warm water all year round

Kiteboarding with constant trade winds almost all year round

Kitesurfing in the bay can be learning, cruising, racing, jumping.

Kiteboarding with side onshore winds almost every day

Kiteboarding in the reef break of Cabarete can be wave riding or jumping

Cabarete is offering Kitesurfing down wind tours from one hour until day tours with Catamaran

Kiteboarding with Big Air Kite school means:

Kiteboarding lessons with professional instructors from IKO and VDWS

Kiteboarding lessons and rental on professional and safe equipment

Kiteboarding with kites from Ocean Rodeo and Core Kiteboarding

Kiteboarding with Twin Tips, Surfboards or Foilboards

Kiteboarding lessons in many languages (German, English, Spanish, Italian, French, Russian and  more

Kiteboarding lessons for all levels starting every day

Kiteboarding directly beside the best and biggest all inclusive Hotel Viva Wyndham Tangerine

Kiteboarding tours to diffrent spots with flat water or waves

Kiteboarding downwind tours to Encuentro or from La Boca or from Las Canas

Storage of your Kiteboarding equipment direct at the best starting point

Surfing with No Work Team means:

Surfing and learning at the biggest surf school at Playa Encuentro

Surfing at the best surf spot on the island

Surfing at one of the best spots in the Caribbean

Surfing and learning on almost 300 days per year

Learning in small waves inside and surfing in big waves outside

Surfing in warm water all year round


Flying with No Work Team and other services means:

On the other hand we design, produce and sell the original NWT T-shirts and beach wear. To complete our service for your perfect vacation we can help you to find the best accomodation in Cabarete you want and our newest project is that we can find you flights from Europe or the States to any place in middle or South America to incredible low prices. The only restriction is, that the flight has to go through Caracas.

To complete your vacation and to help you to come over the windless days we can help you to organize all kind of tours and activities in Dominican Republic. This can be:

- Horse back riding

- Canyonig

- Kayak Adventure Tours

- Mountain bike tours

- Diving in Sosua

- 27 Waterfalls

- Whale watching in Samana

- Safari tour

- Catamaran tour to paradise Island

- Spanish lessons with Vanessa

and much more


To get more info about Dominican Republic check the following link:

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